What is better interval training …


What is better: interval training or endurance training

better interval training

You just started running and it’s still hard for you to run for longer periods of time without stopping? Then you should start at low intensity intervals.

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Try running for short periods of time, and then walk on foot so you can recover. You can find a good Natural bodybuilding. – IU Job Hub program for newbies in any boldabol application or read an article with a 5-week program. You can start with short runs and gradually increase the distance.

If you want to increase your running speed

In general, you should include both elements of both endurance running and intervals in your workouts.

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An effective training program is built like a pyramid:

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A stable foundation consists of lengthy runs to build your base;

You can further improve your base by improving your running form, doing exercises for strengthening, stabilizing and stretching and participating in cross-training;

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The top of the pyramid consists of the maximum effort associated with the pace of running and high-intensity intervals.

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If you want to run a marathon

your running form

To finish first, you must reach the finish line! This is a famous saying in motorsport. Running is no different. Of course, it’s great if you have a base speed, but if you can’t run 42,195 km in a row, then it doesn’t matter much.

If you want to finish, you must first run. Large, low intensity runs constitute the bulk of your training. In particular, the passive structures of your body (tendons, ligaments, bones, etc.) and working muscles should be used to the sustained effects of stress. This helps prevent excessive stress and injury.

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Long-range trails increase your aerobic endurance and improve your running form. In addition, they train your metabolism and teach your body to make better use of available energy sources.

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High intensity intervals do not become most important until you achieve a higher level of performance with a solid base. If you want to run a 3-hour marathon, you not only need to train in large volumes, but you also need to include running speed and interval training in your plan.

If you want to run 5 or 10 km

High-intensity intervals and paces are crucial for short distances, such as 5 and 10 km. The basic rule is short distances, faster and more intense workouts that you should do.

For distances up to ten kilometers, you usually work at anaerobic or lactate level or higher. This is the level at which the level of oxygen produced is not enough to absorb the metabolism and accumulated lactate (lactic acid) caused by intense exercise. This leads to an exponential increase in lactate and, consequently, to a decrease in productivity.

High-intensity interval training and challenging paces at speeds is a good way to increase your body’s resistance to high levels of lactate. This not only improves your lactate tolerance and endurance at speeds, but also increases your maximum Testosterone – which is elevated testosterone in men. – Jamaicans for Justice (JFJ) VO2 level (level of your fitness and running training).

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However, your basic endurance is also important for a good time over short distances. Saturated workouts are very hard on your body and require more time to recover. The better your base, the more workouts your body will be able to withstand and less time is required for the recovery required for intensive workouts. Or more simply, you can train harder and more often.

If you want to lose excess weight

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The best workouts for weight loss are those that help you achieve a negative energy balance (where more calories are burned than consumed). High intensity intervals are british dragon nutraceuticals ideal for burning tons of calories in a short amount of time. High intensity workouts are very stressful on the muscles.

better interval training

The process of restoring your muscle tissue after a workout requires additional energy, while the afterburn effect also continues to burn calories after a workout.

High intensity running distances are probably not a good idea for beginner runners. It is better to stick to shorter and less intense workouts and try to train more often.


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Endurance and intervals are equally important. You should pay attention to how much effort you make every week. It depends on your learning goal and level of performance. However, you should always include long distance training as well as interval training to benefit from the training effects of both methods.

Need more motivation?

Regardless of whether you want to run interval training or run long distances, it’s always fun to practice with a training partner. We also offer to learn about 6 reasons to run, which will definitely help in the issue of motivation.

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