Interval training types, principles and examples of training


Interval training: types, principles and examples of training

Functional interval training for weight loss: the benefits and effectiveness. Principles, methods and examples of interval training programs for the hall.

Interval training involves alternating intense workload and rest. They strengthen the cardiovascular system, develop endurance. Swimmers, runners, cyclists use this type of load to increase speed. But interval training has one curious “side effect”: a quick calorie expenditure and burning of fat tissue, as a result – weight loss.

interval training weight loss

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Interval training is not the name of a particular type of physical activity. This term describes rather the principle of training organization: the alternation of physical activity of high and low intensity. A classic example is an alternate sprint and jogging: 65-100 m, the athlete runs at the maximum pace for himself, so that the pulse goes to the border of the aerobic and anaerobic zones. After that, 100-200 m rests, waiting for the pulse to drop, and repeats the sprint race. The intervals of maximum and minimum load can be repeated 5-15 times. In a week spend 1-3 interval trainings.

By the same principle, you can organize an interval training on a bicycle, simulators, with dumbbells. The main thing is to track your heart rate and not overdo it in pursuit of a slender Balkan Pharmaceuticals Halotest Buy at Best Price | MYWIFIEXT.LOCAL figure: using interval training for weight loss, you can not calculate your own capabilities and “earn” overtraining. In other words – to drive the body into a state where it will not have time to recover from stress.

The benefits of interval training

Increase strength, speed and endurance.

Fast burning calories and fat.

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Improving the health of the cardiovascular system.

Long positive effect on metabolism.

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Strengthening the muscles.

From a practical point of view, interval training for burning fat is good because the effect comes faster, you need to spend less time on weight correction. For example, in order to lose excess kilograms while running sparingly, you need to spend more than half an hour on jogging: forty, fifty minutes. Runs can last up to two hours, and the weight will go slowly. At intervals you do not need to spend 2 hours, and the result will appear quickly.

Why do interval workouts burn fat faster than aerobic exercise? Theoretically, during intense loads, the body takes energy not from fat tissue, but from the supply of carbohydrates. But the fact is that interval training speeds up metabolism, and for a long time. At the same time, the body requires a lot of energy to recover from this type of stress, so fat burning does not occur during the workout itself, but after it.

Contraindications for interval training

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Intervals bring a lot of benefit, but on one condition: you have a healthy heart. If you suffer from cardiovascular diseases, you need to consult with a sports cardiologist, and only after approval can you begin the most benign interval training. It is not worth neglecting the health of the main muscle in the body, because the intervals give a quick positive result, but if there are contraindications, they can give the same rapid negative effect.

However, healthy people need to exercise with caution. If you are not sterol complex review at all accustomed to physical exertion and the last time you ran or shook the press in the first grade of secondary school, and in the second, the doctors freed you from physical education for medical reasons, you should not start at intervals. First, with the help of general strengthening exercises, you need to tighten your physical form, to prepare the body for more intense loads. Interval training is a shake-up even for a professional athlete, what to say about amateurs?

Finally, before training it is important to master the technique. This is especially important for strength training: if at low intensity loads you can get by with a slight deterioration in your well-being, then with intensive Testosterone buy for athletes, men. – Inspired Everyday Living interval training, technical errors can become fatal for your health.

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Principles of interval training

Alternate the cycles of maximum and minimum load – each one determines the upper and lower intensity thresholds individually.

The number of cycles – from 5 to 15, depending on the level of your physical fitness. If you are a beginner, start at 5-6 intervals, gradually increasing their number.

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Before the interval training, be sure to warm up, prepare the body for the upcoming shake. Make a hitch after the main stage.

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Interval duration – from 5 seconds to 2 minutes.

The intensive load cycle never lasts longer than the minimum intensity period. For beginners, the minimum load cycle is 3-5 times longer than the intensive one, but as the preparedness increases, the rest phases should be reduced.

The total duration of interval training without taking into account the warm-up and hitch is from 2 to 30 minutes, not longer.

Watch the pulse rate: even at the peak of the load, the heart rate should not go into the anaerobic zone.

Interval training creates the risk of overtraining. Such a risk is always there, even if you just run in the morning, but the intervals can quickly exhaust the resources of the body. And this is another reason to monitor heart rate: if even during a low-intensity load the pulse exceeds 60% of the norm, does not slow down for a long time, you feel constant fatigue, and you can be cut into sleep even in the middle of the day, then these are signs of overtraining. Your body does not have time to recover, but because interval training and other physical activity you need to pause for a while.

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Types of interval workouts for burning calories

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Running interval training. The most popular format, largely due to the fact that it does not require special conditions or equipment. The standard recommendation is to run through straight sections of the 400-meter stadium at an intensive pace, and to pass the rounded parts on foot. But if you are running 5 km, you can start at intervals of 60 m on a steep ascent. Then 100 m to the rise, and then you can switch to the stadium.

Interval training for burning calories at home. The alternation of high-intensity and low-intensity exercises: jumping in a lunge, jumping to the side from the plank, touching the floor with a hand in a squat, a plank on one leg will do. All these exercises can be done for 20 seconds at the maximum, and then 20 seconds – at the minimum pace.

Tabata protocol. This scheme of lessons was invented by the Japanese Izumi Tabata, it assumes that the lesson lasts only 4 minutes, but during this time you spend energy like forty minutes. It is necessary to make 8 approaches: 20 seconds of loading, 10 seconds of rest. In one workout, do 1 exercise: for example, only squats or just pushups.

interval training weight loss

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Circular loads. This is a kind of training when exercises are performed in a circle. However, the “circle” can hold 2-3 exercises.

Interval training for burning fat: an example of a program for the hall

Lesson number 1: 30 reps of the bench press, 1 minute of fast running, 30 squats, 1 minute of slow running. Rest – 90 seconds. Maximum – 8 such cycles.

Lesson # 2: 25 jump-up squats, 15 pull-ups, 20 barbell press reps. Everything – at the fastest pace. Then 3 minutes of quiet walking on the track, plus 3 minutes of rest. Maximum – 6 cycles.

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Lesson # 3: Hitting a tire with a sledgehammer on the tire 1 minute, a minute of the bar and 90 seconds of walking on the walkway. Rest is a minute. No more than 8 cycles.

Lesson number 4: 10 jumps on the bollard, 10 stanovyh burdens, 10 push-ups – at the maximum pace. Then 2 minutes walk on the track. 40 berpis and 2 minutes of rowing in the simulator. Rest – 3 minutes. Not more than 6 cycles.

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